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Welcome to the MSH Junior
Herpetologist Program

Jessica Miller showing her Bearded Dragon Salzaria Slithery during the Bring Your Favorite Herp program at our February 16th General Membership Meeting.

Junior Herpetologist Program Schedule of Events

NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY SEEKING A LEADER TO RUN THE JUNIOR PROGRAM SO THERE WILL BE NO SPECIAL SCHEDULED MEETINGS OTHER THAN THOSE LISTED ON THE SCHEDULE. Junior members do however get to participate in any event that the regular members get to attend including field trips, regular meetings, and Exhibit events.

The Junior Herpetologist Program is designed to fulfill members under the age of 17 interests in Reptiles and Amphibians. At no additional cost younger members can participate in the Program as part of their membership. This program is comprised of the following aspects:
  • Regular monthly meetings based around themes, which will include games, activities, and educational information.
  • Field trips, which may include overnight trips and behind the scenes tours of reptile related facilities.
  • A mentorship program designed to link a child with an adult with similar interests.
  • Conservation Projects designed to teach the members the importance of conservation, environmental stewardship, and sense of accomplishment that comes for volunteering for a good cause.
The regular monthly meetings are scheduled the same day as our General Membership meetings in the same facilities unless otherwise noted and begin at 4:00 PM. Anyone interested in participating in the program contact Lois Bushman via email at lkb01@netzero.com. For a list of upcoming events vist the schedule of events page.

Jessica Miller showing her Bearded Dragon Salzaria Slithery

(Photos are of Jessica Miller showing her Bearded Dragon Salzaria Slithery during the "Bring Your Favorite Herp" program at our February 16th General Membership Meeting. Photos were taken by Jim Shearer.)

Junior Membership: ($12 Annually)

A Membership that is restricted to persons under 17 years of age and includes all individual membership rights with the exception of voting and holding office. As a Junior Member you will be able to partipate in our Junior Herpetologist Program. To Join the Junior Program fill out the information below and click on the buy now button or to mail in a form click on the link at the bottom of this page

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