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Coming Soon!!

MSH is currently working on educational programs that will be posted here on the Website

**Please note that at this time we have limited our educational programs due to low numbers of available volunteers, therefore we may not be able to offer any additional programming then what is on our calendar.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Memebers of the Michigan Society of Herpetologists will bring their privately owned animals (reptiles and amphibians) to your school classroom, birthday party, science fair, etc. for educational presentations. Our programs are designed to showcase a variety of non-venomous animals and artifacts to enhance the presentations. Guests will learn about native habitats, predator/prey relationships, endangered status, conservation, natural behaviors, and other interesting facts of each animal. The Michigan Society of Herpetologists also provides presentations on proper captive care such as how to select a reptile or amphibian as a pet, enclosures and housing, temperature requirements, nutrition, and general husbandry.

Availability and FEE SCHEDULE: All Prices are dependant upon availability and location. Please contact us in advance for a price quote and availability. Prices start at $150

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  • Primary Contact: Barbara Wheeler Preferably via email at bjwheeler38@yahoo.com or at 517-321-6105
  • Secondary Contact: Eric Tobin via email at orionet@aol.com or at 517-680-0341

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