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Michigan Society of Herpetologists
P.O. Box 80773
Lansing, MI 48908

Reptile Rescues

If you are in need of finding a good home for your Reptile or Amphibian please contact our Rescue Unit at the contacts below. Please note that these are rescues that we have successfully placed animals or support and that their locations may be around the state. Each rescue establishes its own policies and procedures.

Contact Name Phone # E-Mail Location
MSH Reptile Rescue Unit Stephanie Beiser (989)-906-1955 stephanie.apbt@gmail.com Three Rivers


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Exhibition, Classroom Visits, and Educational Program Contacts

All of our Exhibit Events, Classroom Visits, Birthday Parties, Educational Programs and Etc are coordinated through the following individuals.

**Please note that at this time we have limited our educational programs due to low numbers of available volunteers, therefore we may not be able to offer any additional programming then what is on our calendar.

Contact Name Phone # E-Mail
Primary Contact Eric Tobin (517)-680-0341 orionet@aol.com


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2016 Officers

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Office Name Phone # E-Mail
President Eric Tobin (517)680-0341 orionet@aol.com
Vice-President Tony Collison  tonygcollison@yahoo.com
Treasurer Stephanie Beiser (989)-906-1955 stephanie.apbt@gmail.com
Secretary Suzanne Popp(586)-795-1752 rcpopp@yahoo.com
Member-At-LargeDan Boyle (517)-482-0218 boyledan@sbcglobal.net
Member-At-Large Kathy Boyle (517)-482-0218 boylekathy@sbcglobal.net
Member-At-Large Josh Popp  poppjosh@msu.edu


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Other Assigned Positions

Position Name Phone # E-Mail
Membership Secretary Barbara Wheeler (517)-321-6105 bjwsingsbass@yahoo.com
Newsletter Editor Dan Boyle (517)-482-0218 boyledan@sbcglobal.net


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