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The name of this organization shall be the Michigan Society of Herpetologists, Inc. (MSH), a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Michigan.

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The purpose of this organization shall be:
A. To promote the education of its members and the general public about conservation, research and captive care of reptiles and amphibians.
B. To support conservation efforts as they relate to reptiles and amphibians.

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A. Membership shall be open to anyone who has an interest in furthering the aims of MSH regardless of age, race, creed, religion, national origin, gender or lifestyle.
B. Types of memberships shall consist of Individual, Family, Junior Organizational, Sponsorship, and Honorary.
1. Individual membership allows one person the member privileges of voting, monthly newsletters and meetings, member rates at MSH functions, free classified ads and library use.
2. Family membership includes member rights (see individual membership) for all family members at one mailing address (one newsletter per month). Voting privileges are restricted to a maximum of two family members 17 years of age or older.
3. Junior membership is restricted to persons under 17 years of age, and includes all individual membership rights with the exception of voting and holding office.
4. Organizational membership provides membership rights to two individuals from the organization, one newsletter per month mailed to the organization, and a free business card ad placed in newsletter and on the website.
5. Sponsorship Membership is an upgrade to any of the above memberships. This membership has all the rights of a family membership or an Organizational membership depending on whether or not the sponsor is an organization or a family. This membership provides additional support for the many programs the society does throughout the year. By being a sponsorship member the member is entitled to a free T-shirt or Polo shirt of the latest design each year they renew as a sponsor.
6. Honorary membership may be awarded to those individuals whom the Board of Directors deem deserving. Such members are entitled to the same privileges as an individual member, with the exception of voting and holding office.
C. All memberships are for a twelve month period.
D. Membership dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

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A. The governing body of MSH shall be a board of directors elected by the general membership, and shall consist of a minimum of five and no more than seven individuals.
B. The Board of Directors shall appoint the officers from among their own ranks. The officers shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The remaining Board members shall represent the interests of the general membership at Board meetings and be referred to as Members at Large.
C. The officers shall serve for a term of one year.
D. The term of office for all Board members, officers and appointed positions shall be January 1 through December 31.
E. The Board of Directors shall create subsidiary offices as necessary.
F. The President may appoint members in good standing to subsidiary offices with the approval of the Board of Directors.

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A. President who shall:
1. Preside over the business meeting, running the meeting in an orderly fashion.
2. Implement the orders of the Board of Directors.
3. Sit as chairperson of the Board of Directors.
4. Have the authority to call an emergency Board meeting, giving at least 24 hoursí notice to all members of the Board.
5. Appoint committee chairpersons.
6. Annually appoint a committee of at least two MSH members to audit the treasurerís records.

B. Vice President who shall:
1. Perform the duties of an absent president.
2. Assume the office of President for the balance of the unexpired term in the event of a vacancy in said office.
3. Perform such duties as are assigned by the President.
4. Schedule programs to be presented at monthly meetings and advise the newsletter editor of same.

C. Secretary who shall:
1. Record the minutes of the Board meetings.
2. Handle the correspondence of MSH.
3. Submit minutes to newsletter editor to be published in the next monthís newsletter.

D. Treasurer who shall:
1. Keep an itemized accounting of all money received and spent.
2. Submit a treasury report at each Board meeting.
3. Submit all records for an audit when requested to do so by the President.

E. Members at Large who shall:
1. Represent the interests of the general membership.
2. Fill vacancies on the Board on a temporary basis.
3. Perform all other duties as requested by any other Board member.

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A. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to act on any situation not covered herein provided their actions are in the best interests of MSH.
B. Any Board member missing an excessive number of meetings or who fails in his/her duties shall be removed from the Board and replaced at the discretion of the remaining Board members.

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A. Any member in good standing may be expelled from MSH by the Board of Directors for the following:
1. Working against the principles and purposes of MSH.
2. Actions in conflict with MSH Constitution and Code of Ethics.
3. Conduct unsafe to themselves or others at any MSH sponsored events.
4. Any action or deed detrimental to the reputation of MSH.
5. Violating any Federal, state or local wildlife law regarding reptiles and amphibians.
6. Any action unbecoming of a member as determined by the Board.

B. An expelled member shall have the oppourtunity to appeal their expulsion either in person or in writing. The appeal will be reviewed by a grievance committee appointed by the Board of Directors.
C. An expelled member shall lose all rights and privileges of their memberships for no less than one year.
D. An expelled member may apply for reinstatement after one year. Said reinstatement is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and may or may not be granted.
E. An expelled member is not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, even if reinstated as a member in good standing after the term of expulsion has ended.

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A. Annual Meeting:
1. The annual meeting shall be scheduled in November of each calendar year by the Board.
2. Notice of the date, place and time of the annual meeting shall be announced in the MSH newsletter at least one month before the date set for the meeting.
3. All decisions will be made by a majority of those present.

B. Board of Directors Meeting:
1. The Board of Directors shall meet at its own discretion, normally on a monthly basis, or at the call of any three Board members.
2. Only a simple majority of the Board members need to be present to conduct business.
3. All Board meetings are open to the general membership.
4. Notifications of Board meetings will be announced in the previous month's newsletter.
5. The Board shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

C. General Membership Meetings:
1. The general membership shall normally meet the third Saturday of each month. Exceptions at the discretion of the Board of Dircectors.
2. The exact date, time, location and program subject of all general membership meetings will be announced in the monthly newsletter.

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A. Any member of MSH, in good standing with paid dues, over the age of 17,and has not been previously expelled, is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.
B. All members, in good standing, wishing to run for a Board seat may submitt their name and a brief paragraph about themselves to the newsletter editor no later than October 15th of the current year if they want it to be printed in the newsletter.
C. The election process, as determined by the Board of Directors, shall be included in the October newsletter.
D. Nominations may be called from the floor at the Annual Meeting.
E. All elections shall be determined by a simple majority of votes cast. Only members in good standing shall be eligible to vote.
F. The election and announcement of the new Board of Directors shall take place at the November annual meeting.

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Ratification of the amendments to the constitution shall be by majority vote of voting membership in good standing present at any membership meeting, with prior notification of changes appearing in the newsletter one month prior to the meeting.
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